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“If we can get people to see themselves as connected to all humanity, we might be able to change the way they think about themselves. It might be the trigger we need to motivate people to work towards a common purpose. ” (Jay Van Bavel, psychologist)

Communication has always been my main focus. The desire to learn to communicate effectively with people over the course of my encounters has motivated many of my life choices. This first translated into learning languages ​​such as English, Spanish and German. After which, I deepened the study of my own mother tongue to become a French as a second language teacher, a profession that I have been practicing with passion since 2008.

What prompted me to get involved in Neurolanguage Coaching®?

Firstly, it is the desire to move away from traditional university teacher-student teaching in a classroom. To break out of this paradigm, I therefore support my clients, within a framework of professional coaching, towards achieving their goals and implementing concrete actions guided by their motivations and commitment. Language classroom stresses such as feelings of incompetence, devaluation of peer performance, fear of error, and disengagement are a thing of the past in a coach-learner relationship.

Why write in this blog?

Because I believe in the importance of the flow of ideas. Writing in this blog is my way of participating in this movement. I would like to share texts on language learning inspired by my readings and my experiences. Anyone learning a second or foreign language can benefit from it.

Adapted in English by Lisa Francesca Archambault

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