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through conversation

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La Workshop : A set time and place online, a moment of relaxation combined with learning to help you acquire the skills you need to become a confident and proficient French speaker.

Discover La Workshop

Set aside your preconceived notions about language classes and discover La Workshop: Dynamic conversations with certified teachers and coaches, La Workshop series of concise and frequent workshops which will give learners increased confidence and improve the quality of their conversational exchanges while allowing them to progress at their own pace, taking into consideration a work and life balance! With the support of your teacher-coach, you will succeed in finally being able to think in French.

Improve the quality of your conversational exchanges simply and enjoyably

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20- minute sessions, 3 to 5 times per week

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Reserve learning times which are convenient for you, using a simple online process

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Themes and Topics which revolve around your interests

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Consistent follow-ups allowing you to progress at your own pace

La mise au point
Starting with 3
20-minute sessions/week
+ 1 grammar workshop

  • Back to the basics
  • Take pleasure in conversing
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La finition
Starting with 3
20-minute sessions/week

  • Increase vocabulary
  • Practise theory + Refine
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La complice
Starting with 5
20-minute sessions/week

  • Be in the action and utilizing the language on a daily basis
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La retouche
À la carte

  • Preparation for a specific occasion (presentation, trip, interview, sales pitch)
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Build your confidence!