Certified teacher and Neurolanguage Coach® of English and French (offering French and English workshops)


Teacher of French as a second language at university level since 2008. Neurolanguage Coach since winter 2020. Speaks French, English, German and Spanish. Passionate about literature, communication and human behavior.


Spanish teacher since 2012. BA in English Literature, MA in Hispanic Studies, and Neurolanguage Coach®. She has a keen interest in understanding how each brain learns and is passionate about the similarities and differences between languages and cultures. Her two greatest passions are meditation and dance.


Polyglot and world traveler (facilitator for group conversation workshops)


Patricia is a native Brazilian teacher of Portuguese as a foreign language since 2014. Degree in Portuguese and English and certified Neurolanguage Coach ®. Speaks Portuguese, English and Spanish. Loves walking, cooking, reading and travelling.


Josie started teaching while doing her master’s in linguistics and never looked back. From teacher’s assistant to lecturer. She taught French as a second language, linguistics and translation in university. Tech-savvy, an avid travel who speaks English, French and Italian.