Find the plan that suits your needs

Progress at your own pace

La mise au point
Starting with 3
20-minute sessions/week
+ 1 grammar workshop

Ideal for addressing grammatical deficiencies which can hinder progression in verbal communication.The only plan which incorporates a grammar workshop…but just the basics and essential grammar, promise!


Master the basics and improve conversation skills.

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La finition
Starting with 3
20-minute sessions/week

Ideal for learners who already possess a sound knowledge of English and want to enhance their skills.


To perfect your ability.

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La complice
Starting with 5
20-minute sessions/week

Ideal for beginners and experts alike, this plan focuses on enriching conversational abilities. If you wish to immerse yourself in English through a regular sustained approach to conversation, this is the solution.


Progresser le plus rapidement possible

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La retouche
À la carte

This plan is tailored towards preparation for very specific short-term goals. The number of sessions varies depending on the objective.


Prepare a presentation

Practice for an interview

Travel preparation

Perfect a sales proposal

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Homme asiatique avec un grand sourir

Gain confidence

At Expression&Transition, we favour a horizontal teaching model over a traditional vertical approach. The learner is always at the heart of the process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the time commitment for the workshops?

This depends on your starting point and on your objectives. Together we’ll create a realistic schedule and will accompany and guide you throughout your journey to provide you with an optimal experience. No more disappointing experiences with “language courses”, promise!

Are workshops offered on the weekend?

Each teacher-coach offers a different schedule. Nonetheless, participation in workshops is possible during the day from 8 AM, in the evening until 8 PM, and on weekends during the day, based on the teacher-coach’s schedule.

Do I need learning material?

No, although we may on occasion recommend different pedagogical materials as required. For our grammar and conversation workshops we use our proprietary pedagogical materials which are adapted to the unique needs of the learner.